Data evaluation on laptop

Better data. Accurate analysis.

Advanced drone sensors capture critical infrastructure accurately from the air. More data gives you deeper analysis and better valuations.

Manual tracking of industrial facilities, agricultural land or process chains is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Mistakes are bound to happen. Everyone involved has to concentrate over extended periods. Distributing the findings to all the different levels of the organisation is another potential source of error.

Automate processes and increase the quality of your analysis with the HHLA Sky drone system.

Digital data collection platform

Automated drone flights quickly give you a broad set of data. You can scale our system as needed – anywhere in the world.
Detect things from a different angle that often get missed on the ground. A new perspective also shows familiar objects in a different light.
Advanced sensors on the HHLA sky drones provides you with precise data.
Intelligent software design and standardised tools help you gather data.
Structured storage simplifies data verification and referencing with prior images and datasets.
Linking with your digital analytics tools minimises the potential for manual errors – right through to the distribution of results.

Some applications

  • ections of critical infrastructure – onshore or offshore
  • Supply chain optimisation, e.g. in ports or on industrial sites
  • Digitalisation / 3D modelling, e.g. of plants, buildings or transport infrastructure
  • Environmental monitoring, e.g. of agricultural land, woodlands or cities

What do you want a drone platform to do for you?

Tell us about your project. Together we will analyse your requirements, to find a customized solution, and implement it for your company.

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