German engineering performance.

From industrial drones to the control centre and cybersecurity, the entire technology of our drone system is designed for maximum performance. For enormous flexibility. With the highest safety standards. And for easy operation.

Only a drone system that has been designed end-to-end can meet these frequently diverging requirements. Our system enable us to outperform the fragmented solutions that are available on the market and allow you to operate your drone system everywhere right away. It's also easily expandable.

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Technology oft he worldwide scalable drone system of HHLA Sky

Technical specifications

  • Secure planning, implementation and monitoring of flights beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS)
  • Universal connection of various drone types and other aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Operation of more than 100 autonomous drones and aerial vehicles at once
  • Operational worldwide – scalable wherever LTE wireless communications are available
  • Customisation to your business areas, your technical requirements and the legal provisions in the area of operation
  • Implementation in the respective system environment
  • Up to 24/7 support including operator training and system maintenance

  • Standard processes from drone registration, identity management and flight coordination up through invoicing
  • Mission Control Unit monitors drone airspace
  • Autonomous flight operation – taking over manual control if required
  • Task-oriented expert workstations for focused and secure drone operation
  • Drone registration and identity management
  • Permanent data link to the drone
  • Encrypted communication
  • Flight paths logged and saved via black box and on the server
  • Easy drone flight permits
components of the HHLA Sky drone control centre
Task-oriented workplaces at our integrated drone control centre

  • Transport box
  • Multiprocessor architecture for control and security
  • AI processor for object recognition
  • Electronic landing recognition and engine stop
  • Video streaming from the camera to the control centre client in multicast: latency below 800 ms
  • Robotic operating system (ROS standard)
  • Permanently encrypted data link from drone to the control center client


  • Thermal scan/heat map
  • Multispectral analysis
  • LiDAR scan/radar
  • Infrared scan
  • Live video stream in 4K
  • Live photos in 4K
  • 360° video

How automated drone applications transform intralogistics

The first drone system that maps complete intralogistic processes and performs tasks at the push of a button. Safe & secure.

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