HHLA Sky drone is taking off

Customised & ready to fly.

Whether it’s intralogistics, multispectral analysis, thermal scans, surveying or cartography – our drones can do it all when fitted with the right sensors or transport boxes. Switch the equipment as needed. Configure your drone control centre.

  • We customise highly standardised software modules so that they cover everything you need.
  • We program interfaces to ERP systems in line with your requirements
  • Just select your analytics tools or let us connect your applications to the drone system.
Intralogistics for tools, components, documents
Random security flights over industrial sites, military zones and high-security areas
Asset inspections of critical infrastructure
3D modelling of assets and construction sites

How automated drone applications transform intralogistics

The first drone system that maps complete intralogistic processes and performs tasks at the push of a button. Safe & secure.

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What do you want a drone platform to do for you?

Tell us about your project. Together we will analyse your requirements, to find a customized solution, and implement it for your company.

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