HHLA Sky drone is taking off

Customised & ready to fly.

Whether it’s intralogistics, multispectral analysis, thermal scans, surveying or cartography – our drones can do it all when fitted with the right sensors or transport boxes. Switch the equipment as needed. Configure your drone control centre.

  • We customise highly standardised software modules so that they cover everything you need.
  • We program interfaces to ERP systems in line with your requirements
  • Just select your analytics tools or let us connect your applications to the drone system.
Intralogistics for tools, components, documents
Random security flights over industrial sites, military zones and high-security areas
Asset inspections of critical infrastructure
3D modelling of assets and construction sites

What do you want a drone platform to do for you?

Tell us about your project. Together we will analyse your requirements, to find a customized solution, and implement it for your company.

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