The HHLA Sky Integrated Control Center

Driving Change with Automation

The HHLA Sky Integrated Control Center (ICC) revolutionize industry operations by empowering businesses to simultaneously manage and control more than 100 drones and mobile robots BVLOS: via one central control center. The areas of application include a wide range of tasks such as automated surveying, inspection, delivery, or surveillance.

Tested and deployed in the critical infrastructure of the Port of Hamburg, the ICC is used by progressive companies and governmental authorities around the globe.


Scaling on an industrial scale is not just about automating simultaneous BVLOS operations. That would only be the take-off. Our understanding of scalability goes beyond: It means smoothly integrating automated drone and mobile robot operations into existing resource and process management systems. It also means the seamless provision and post-processing of the data generated: to streamline data workflows.

Our ICC automatically maps the entire process chain, starting with commissioning a drone from ERP systems such as SAP, Supply Chain Management or Enterprise Asset Management systems. Among others, the ICC processes the order, including scheduling, flight control and data collection right down to AI-supported data analysis in inspections.

Additional data processing modules can be integrated as well as mobile robots: to extend the areas of applications or complete automated tasks, particularly in logistics or surveillance.


As known, data-driven automation enables efficiency, effectiveness and transparency: the pillars of sustainability. Those who invest in data-driven automation, also understand sustainability as the system’s ability to adapt and evolve. New technologies as well as changing requirements or future regulations must be able to be implemented. As the ICC allows thanks to its modularity.

 Thus paves the way for almost incredible efficiency gains:

Cost reductions of 60 up to 90%, and time reductions up to 70% can be achieved when automated drones and mobile robots are operated by the ICC, streamlining the data workflow and using integrated AI power for data analysis. 

To ensure smooth operation of this efficient but also complex solution, we’ve paid a lot of attention to the safety and security of the ICC:

Safety & Security

Resilience is crucial when operating whether in urban areas, critical infrastructures or any airspace that drones share with manned aviation. At HHLA Sky, our commitment to operational safety includes several aspects:

  • Attended automation with human experts at the heart of operational decision-making
  • Harmonized engineering standards for robust and more reliable systems
  • Compliance with EU legal frameworks and regulations (embedded)
  • Standard Operating Procedures from civil aviation and industry
  • Continuous FMEA and comprehensive safety management
  • Cybersecurity certified system

HHLA Sky's ICC has been certified by the German technical inspection agency TÜV NORD in accordance with the IEC 62443 cybersecurity industry standard. The entire system was tested, including communication between the drones and the Integrated Control Center.

In addition, also UTM services are embedded for seamless UTM service provision.

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