Project Participations


Project of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, BMDV and the partners: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Karl Koerschulte GmbH and HHLA Sky. Project Coordinator: Hamburg Aviation.

The BLU-Space consortium plans to create the first EU-wide test U-Space airspace for a UAS traffic management system (UTM). Therefore, Hamburg offers well-matched conditions: Its complex infrastructure, which consists of densely populated urban areas, industrial areas, the Port of Hamburg as well as two inner-city airports, is suitable for developing exemplary future-fit solutions throughout Germany.

To the project, HHLA Sky will provide its technologies for drone operators, USSP and UTM to enable the safe and efficient development of the U-space for commercial and industrial drone flights in coordination with crewed aviation.

5G Enabled Communication Infrastructure for Unmanned Aerial Systems - GENIUS

Three-year Grand Solutions research project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. Coordinator: University of Southern Denmark between the partners AirPlate, DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Ericsson Telecommunications, MECK ConsultSDU RoboticsStyrelsen for Dataforsyning og InfrastrukturTDC NET.

The goal of GENIUS is to enable drones to fly side by side with crewed aviation. Therefore, GENIUS is developing the building blocks for the implementation of U-spaces in Denmark. This includes a novel 5G UAS network to optimize connectivity in the lower airspace. 

HHLA Sky is supporting the project by providing its UTM technology and acting as a U-space service provider. In addition, HHLA Sky will explore the integration of 5G-enabled services such as cellular coverage analysis and network slicing into its UTM technology. 

Automation of Container Logistics Hinterland Processes - IHATEC

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, BMDV, as part of the initiative for innovative port technologies (IHATEC). Coordinator: Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, HHLA.

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, HHLA, and the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services, CML, want to speed up container rail handling. The aim is to automate the so-called pin handling: the manual folding of pins before loading trains. These pins lock containers on the rail wagons. They have to be raised or moved according to the container size. In future, a mobile robot that will operate this time-costly process step.

HHLA subsidiaries will provide their expertise in process automation, logistics and consulting to this project. HHLA Sky will implement the control and monitoring of the mobile robots via its Integrated Control Center.

Read more about the automation of hinterland processes and how HHLA and Fraunhofer CML have launched the IHATEC project.

U-space for Germany - LUV

Project of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, BMDV. Coordinator: Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg, HSU

Jointly with the consortium, we are developing "solutions and recommendations for action for the national implementation of the U-space regulation" DVO (EU) 2021/664 of the European Union. First, a U-space operational concept is developed in which a U-space airspace is operated by one S-CISP and at least two USSPs. This will lead to process models for the technical and operational implementation of U-space airspaces that ensure competitive and safe U-space operations in Germany. Additionally, regulatory gaps will be closed as well as the application and approval process for UAS flights will be automated. Therefore, HHLA Sky is contributing its expertise in process automation, mobile robot management and as a drone operator in critical infrastructure.

 Efficiently Organizing Drone Traffic - UDVeo

Project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, BMVI. Coordinator: Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces in HamburgIn collaboration with our partners, we are developing a comprehensive legal-technical concept for the management of drone traffic. The goal of the project is establishing an official or officially-sanctioned agency that coordinates automated drone traffic. The organisation of the complete process leading to the registration, planning and execution of drone flights will be supported by software, and drone traffic will be integrated into air traffic and the regular transport business.

Read more about the project at the ministry's website or refer the HHLA news about UDveo.