Andres Sutt, Estonia’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, visits HHLA Sky

Robotics live: Andres Sutt, Estonia's Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, visited HHLA Sky to see the drone technology on site, which the HHLA start-up has won the German Innovation Award.

Engaged in conversation: Andres Sutt (r.), Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, discusses the potential of automated drone operations and their flight management in urban airspace with Jens Hansen, Member of the Executive Board of HHLA (m.) and Matthias Gronstedt (l.), Managing Director of HHLA Sky. Photo: HHLA/Oliver Bock

Matthias Gronstedt, Managing Director of HHLA Sky, presented the globally unparalleled drone system, which can control and monitor more than 100 drones simultaneously at the touch of a button – worldwide from one single control centre. It enables several drones to simultaneously and automatically inspect, map, secure or transport urgent spare parts to industrial facilities at different locations.

Already 2023, this will take place in a so called U-space airspace: This is airspace that automated drones share with airplanes or helicopters and must be safely managed. A legal and technological basis for this has been established by UDVeo project consortium, of which HHLA Sky is a member. Matthias Gronstedt showed Andres Sutt a control centre prototype for field-testing U-space management.

HHLA’s innovations are met with considerable interest: “I see great potential in a collaboration between HHLA and Estonia in two segments”, said Minister Andres Sutt. “First, testing the drone solutions developed by HHLA Sky in Estonian cargo ports, and second, working as a team to develop solutions for commercialising the use of hydrogen in logistics and port activities.”