Aerial image of an stadium construction site

Sustainably reduce risks.

Detect risks in industrial facilities and supply chains at early stage. Improve health and safety of exposed workplaces. Reduce insurance rates.

With the HHLA Sky drone system, you can operationalise your risk management or optimise an existing solution.

Detect risks in assets before they cause damage that might interrupt your operations.
Keep an eye on your supply chain with internal surveillance flights. In-depth risk analysis reveals potential for optimisation.
Easier health and safety audits of exposed workplaces (HSE management).
Ad hoc inspections let you actively avert risks in critical situations.
All these operational and preventive activities reduce your risk potential so much you should be talking to your insurers about lower premiums.
Insurance companies in turn assess risks faster and more accurately from the air. Risk identification and risk assessment are especially easy with an integrated, highly automated drone system like that from HHLA Sky.

Data verification and referencing

Structured storage of data and images make verification child’s play. Also enables correct referencing to your existing data.

Some applications

  • Inspections of critical infrastructure
  • Workplace inspections and risk assessments of hard-to-access locations
  • Internal surveillance flights over the supply chain
  • Ad hoc inspections, e.g. after a storm, heavy rain or flooding
  • Security flights, e.g. over data centres, border facilities, warehouses and fuel depots

How automated drone applications transform intralogistics

The first drone system that maps complete intralogistic processes and performs tasks at the push of a button. Safe & secure.

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