Aerial image of industrial assets

Faster decision-making with an automated drone system.

Get real-time situation reports. Take action faster, track progress live – and scale up as needed.

It can be asset inspections, site scans, mapping or emergency aid – drone flights help you to see more clearly. Automated drone flights and HHLA Sky open up a new dimension and get you closer to ultimate efficiency and absolute speed.

Our integrated drone system speeds up decision-making enormously. You coordinate activities quickly and cost-effectively:

drone flights start with nearly just the touch of a button.
All drone missions are managed centrally from a single control centre. Pilots flying by sight from the ground are now history.
4K videos, infra-red images and data from laser scans are sent live to the operations room or your analytics tools.
You decide what action to take. Intervene at any time.
Our highly automated system cuts your operating costs. Especially when you scale it; just a few operations staff can monitor more than 100 drone missions at the same time – worldwide.

Some applications

  • 3D modelling of industrial facilities, storage sites, buildings, transport infrastructure
  • Security flights, e.g. over data centres, border facilities, warehouses and fuel depots
  • Inspections, e.g. of power plants, blast furnaces, converters, silos
  • Offshore inspections of wind farms, oil and gas production sites
  • Environmental monitoring of agricultural and forestry land or cities

How automated drone applications transform intralogistics

The first drone system that maps complete intralogistic processes and performs tasks at the push of a button. Safe & secure.

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